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Law of



"The God Class"

$12 US  2cd series



You were created in the image of God to be like your Heavenly

Father. You were created in the God class! You will Learn in this

powerful 2cd series, who you are in Christ and the authority of the

believer. When you were born again you became a child of God

in the divine nature! It is time for you to take dominion!

"The Measure"

$12 US  2cd series

  It is time to believe God for great things! The measure you measure

God’s Word, it shall be measured unto you! Learn in this exciting 2cd

series, that faith works by how much you believe and receive God’s Word.

How much of God's word do you want? 30? 60? Or a hundred fold?

The measure you receive, you can have of God’s promises.

"Law of Increase"

$12 US  2cd series

It is time for you to increase! Discover in this exciting 2cd series

how to increase. Increase is a spiritual law of God’s kingdom.

Jeff will teach you how this law works. God's laws work every time,

but you have to understand His principles. If you work the law of gravity

it works. You are going to prosper if you work the law of increase!​

"Open Heaven"

$12 US  2cd series  

​The windows of heaven are about to open and pour you out a blessing!

Discover in this exciting 2cd series how to position yourself under

an open heaven! Scripture reveals doors of opportunity and windows

of blessing! The windows and doors of God can seem to be shut

in your life. Now is time for you to learn how to open them!​

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