Miracle Testimonies

                Read these testimonies to build your faith for your miracle!

     On Sunday night Bro. Backer prayed for me.  I was in a wheel chair and was told I'd never walk again.  My muscles in my legs had been deteriorating and I had no strength in them.  I had to be carried in and out of my wheelchair.  After Bro. Backer prayed for me I got up and Walked for the first time in 6 months.  Praise the Lord! - P.M., TX

  On June 4. Sun. nite when Bro. Jeff Backer placed his hand at the base of my neck , a hot sensation went down my back to my hips. This stayed in my back through the entire service. Bro. Backer asked me to do something I couldn't do before.  Praise God no pain. Also, before just sitting through the services was painful. I twisted or squirmed to help the pain but tonight I didn't have any pain. Today is Monday, June 5.  I still can stand with no pain. I had the pain for 4 yrs. since a fall in 1996. - K.B.  Tulsa, OK.

  On the morning of June 30th Bro. Backer was anointing all who desired with oil. 
When he came to me he asked "dab or pour" and of course I said POUR because I
wanted MORE.  Bro. Backer touched the palms of my hands and spoke healing into
them.  While this does not seem out of the ordinary, it is to me because I had
not told him that I had pain in my hands and arms. . .I had not even told my
husband, family or Pastor Stephens.  I had just been living with the pain because
I "thought" that it wasn't big enough to bother the Lord with.  Praise God, I no
longer have any pain in my hands and haven't since Bro. Backer spoke the words of
healing!  - P.M.  Oklahoma City, OK.
  Two years ago I was in an auto accident (head on collision) and since then I've had pain that comes and goes in my neck and shoulder. In a service at Exciting Living Word Fellowship in Anderson, Missouri on Oct. 1 you prayed for me and by the end of service I could tell the difference in my neck.
Thank you.
J.T.  Anderson, MO
P.S. God bless you and your family

  I was healed of macular degeneration during Brother Jeff's meeting at Grove Christian Center, Grove, OK.  This was confirmed by an Ophthalmologist.  I am seeing 20/25 in both eyes!        D.G.  Grove, OK

     We are happy to testify to you and your family of the healing received for Scot at Faith Covenant Church International in Alton, IL.  Almost 5 years ago Scot had back surgery for several blown discs and pinched nerves due to an injury he acquired at his employment. As his wife I have watched him be in pain everyday since the accident. We thought surgery would get rid of the pain, but all the surgery did was bring on another type of pain. The surgeon said that Scot would never have full use of his back again and that he would have to live with the loss of at the very least 15% of his mobility. Every morning for almost 5 years he has woke up very stiff and unable to stand up straight. It usually took a very hot shower and about an hour for him to even be able to get dressed and put shoes on. I watched him come home from work everyday in so much pain there was not much more he could do but try to relax on the couch. This was very difficult for our family as he was very active before the accident. Yet, through all of this he still retained a job and held faithfully to the realization that he would be healed.
    When you were at our church on April 24 you had called out for someone that was suffering from back pain. Scot came forward for prayer. He said as you were praying for him he felt his back clicking and adjusting. This adjusting went on for a couple of days and he has been pain free since and even the scar tissue is gone!  PRAISE GOD!  As his wife, I am beyond words to be able to express what it is like to see my husband pain free again. He is active again and the pain is gone from his body. Some people do not realized how an injury like that effects every aspect of your life until they experience it themselves...
Our Love and Prayers go with you, your family and your ministry!
Scot and Kim, Alton, IL