Testimonies Pg. 2

    I want to thank you for praying for my mom, Lorene.  The doctors removed the lump in her breast. and we went back Tuesday and he removed her Lymphoids and sent them off and the results are negative, so she is healed!!!!  L.F.

      In November, you visited a town in Illinois called Centralia.  I by chance attended one night at a church called Day Star Tabernacle.  Well, anyway, that night I came forward with the crowd and you spoke over me.  I wrote down what you said as soon as I got to my car.  That night was the first time I was ever aware of my spirit!  It changed my life.  I have spent the last couple of years searching your guiding words.  You said "stop what you are doing and follow me" was a message from God.  I have come to understand what God was saying through you.  If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have started my search when I did!
 Thanks Jeff, for your work for God's glory, -Cheri,  Centralia, IL

     I was at the Fires of Revival Church in Benton, IL. when you were there on April 23.  You asked for everyone that had back problems to come up.  I was one of them that did. But what you didn't know is that I had more than just back problems. I was born with a herniated disk in my lower back, as well as I had a lot of damage due to the jobs that I had (Certified Nurses Assistant, Janitorial), as well as I had doctors tell me that I would be in a wheelchair by the time I was 35, which I'm that now. But I was also told that I would have to go through double hip and knee replacement surgeries too. You said that you could see everything lining back up, I went down in the spirit.  I told the Lord to finish it all, I could feel heat in my lower back, hips, knees, and in my neck as well as my spine. So I know that the Lord healed more than just my back.
     Also you said if there was anybody that needed anything from the Lord to get up front.  I took my son up there. He is ten years old and HAD Diabetes for five years.  I checked his count when we got there and it was just a little under three hundred, and after he was prayed for the count that I did on him he was one hundred and sixty eight.
     I just wanted to thank you for being obedient to the Lord. And may he richly bless you as you do HIS work.
 Thank You, Ralonda,  Benton, IL

 As I stood with my mother in law this morning you prayed and laid hands upon her. At the time your prayer was being said, I literally heard the bones popping as they came into alignment.  It was such a blessing to know that our Lord was putting bones back in place and healing her that very moment.  Afterward she told me how her legs were tingling all the way to her toes and that she was healed!    - Donna K.

 Two months ago, I was in my small two seater miata.  I ran off the road and had to be extracted from the car by the jaws of life.  As I was in church this morning, Bro. Backer had a word from the Lord... I knew he was talking about me.  Since the wreck, I have been walking the walk of faith for my total healing.  I started back to work, as a Home Health nurse.  At first, I limped and could not walk without pain, sometimes severe...  Today as Bro. Backer prayed for me, I could feel the pain go from my head and down out through my hand.  I am totally headed!  This month was a walk of faith.  - Anita S.

   I am 53 years old and I painted our church inside and out.  I sprayed 40 gallons of paint on the ceiling.  I have not been able to see good since, because of the falling paint that got in my eyes.  I went to the doctor and even got lasik surgery, but still could not see clear.  Tonight when brother Jeff prayed for me, I can seebetter than I have in 3 months!  Thank you Jesus!   -Mike,  OK. City, OK

​ On Sunday March 19th, 2006 I received my healing in my left shoulder, after Jeff Backer prayed for me.  I had been going to physical therapy for 2 months.  Today was the first day pain Free!!   -Peggy H.

  My neck was hurting for weeks.  When Bro. Jeff prayed for me there is now no more neck pain over here! PTL!  -         Tammy C. CA.

  I had headaches and pain in my knees.  You prayed for me and the pain is now gone! Thank God and thank you for your prayer.  - Lillie W.  CA.

   I received prayer from you for my fractured Knee, leg and shoulder.  They are healed!  I even received my joy back!!  Rodney C.  CA.