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"The Blessing"

$24 US  4cd series



Would you like to know the secret of how to be blessed?

Learn in this exciting 4cd series that you are redeemed

from the curse and that you are now blessed! The blood

of Jesus has freed you and has given you the blessing

of Abraham! Jeff will encourage your faith to believe for

great things and that blessings are chasing you down!​

"Now Faith"

$24 US  4cd series

Discover that the blessings of God are waiting on your faith.

Jesus already paid the price for your miracle. In the book of

Amos, it tells us that the plowman will overtake the reaper!

In this exciting 4 cd series, you will get the keys to accelerate

your harvest and the principles of how faith works.​

"Reigning in Life"

$24 US  4cd series

You were created to take dominion over your life. Discover in this

powerful 4cd series, the keys to becoming more than a conqueror!

It is time to have victory in every area of your life! You will learn how

to function as a king and a priest in the kingdom of God. Jesus

is the King of Kings. You are a king. Kings function by their decree.

It is time for you to decree a thing and have it established unto you!​

"Most Holy faith"

$12 US  2cd series

The bible teaches us that there is faith, great faith and

Most Holy Faith!  Learn in this exciting 2cd series what

most holy faith can do for your prayer life. That speaking

in tongues is a gift from God for today.  Get the power

of the holy Spirit working for you!​

"God is Your Source"

$12 US  2cd series

Discover in this two part series the keys to abundance!  In the good

times and the bad times God is your source.  We do not live according

to this world's system.  We live according to the kingdom of God.  There

is no lack in the kingdom of God.  Learn that God is faithful to His

covenant and will never leave you or forsake you.  ​

"Faith Works by Love"

$12 US  2cd series

Discover the greatest key to faith: The Father's Love. The Bible

says, “Faith works by love.” This scripture is not talking about

your love. It is talking about the Father’s love. In this exciting

2 cd series, you will learn about God’s love.

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